Wareing on the web

It doesn’t die, the work we create; it simply translates to another life. Virtual, random, “rag, tag and bobtail” – however you care to describe it, the world wide web hoovers up our past and offers occasional glimpses of ourselves – resurrecting articles, interviews and more that seemed all too transitory at the time.

An interview with award winning poet Don Paterson for The Herald; audio interviews with Church of Scotland Moderators, past and present. Even a DVD I didn’t know I’d directed!! Edinburgh: an entertaining tour of its Sights and Secrets (2003) is an edited version of two videos I directed with The Cadies and Witchery Tours of Edinburgh, both featuring the comically quizzical Adam Lyal Deceased. (Available now for only £12.99!)

Read, too, this piece about short-termism that blights the UK government’s responses to the needs of young people: Children “drowning in bureaucracy”. Sadly, some things are not transitory at all…

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