Variety is the spice of life

The last few days have been spent shifting back and forth between projects: planning ahead for future MHA publications (just about to enter a third contract with them) and also into the next production cycle for Momentum (Momentum 14 now published).

That’s five years of editing Momentum and seeing it translate from Metro-size newspaper to online production. The end is nigh for this venture but it’s been all good experience.

My project development for BBC radio is on hold due to a rights issue rather than a dislike of my idea – which means, potentially, that the door is still open down the line.

So I spent yesterday afternoon walking in the Pentland hills mulling over a new idea to put forward. A fruitful afternoon – though all that rough terrain came as a bit of a shock to the dog, who’d been expecting his usual scamper round the park.

Oh, and I got behind the microphone again the other day, interviewing participants in a national Methodist event in Dunblane, collecting material for a DVD promo. It went well – and was a good opportunity to work with multi-talented Simon Jones again.