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Creativity in the edit suite

Creativity in the edit suite

Just out of the edit suite where I’ve been producing a promotional video for an Edinburgh charity. They want to be able to show the piece on large screens in their newly refurbished cafe area. And, in order to be unobtrusive, the video is to be shown without sound.

A real challenge to come up with an 6-8 minute piece that tells a story and reflects an ethos and values without resorting to narration, interviews or any other background sound. In so many ways I’m a words man, but I love imagery and am inspired by it. So working with image maker Simon Jones has made this process both fulfilling and a lot more fun.

And you know what? I think we’ve done it! And it’s beautiful. Let’s hope the client agrees…

View church in the square

Update 30 July 2013

… They did!