Singing the Faith Plus

Happy to have had my first official day on an interesting new contract: with the UK Methodist Church again but this time coordinating content for a new website – Singing the Faith Plus.

Singing the Faith is a new Methodist hymnbook – a major publication, some six years in the making. The “plus” will be a web-based resource to both encourage use of the hymnbook and also to support the exploration of music in worship – through debate, suggestions, articles, forming networks and, of course, publicising new material.

To my knowledge, no other major hymnal has been published with the intention of being open-ended in the way Singing the Faith is being Рwhich is why Singing the Faith Plus is so integral to the overall strategy.

There’s much to say about what is possible – but I certainly hope that our net can be spread very wide indeed: drawing in the experience, cultures and experiments of writers and musicians from around the world, and offering support to the widest possible number of people, those with a particular faith commitment and those passing through.