Out and about at the Edinburgh Fringe

Back from a stimulating discussion hosted by¬†Playwrights’ Studio Scotland on the pros and cons of adapting novels into stage productions. Something of a jump from abridging books for radio – but maybe not a bridge too far?

The Citizens Theatre’s Jeremy Raison (currently directing his version of Ron Butlin’s The Sound of My Voice) told us that he got his big break by producing a version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – long before Hollywood got its hands on the story. Nowadays, though, he’d check first whether the rights were available!

Following May’s General Assembly, MHA kept me on my toes right through to the summer break – text for a new website, Annual Review, ads and PR for a stunning new Home in Bedford etc.

Nice to have a pause for breath now, though. Some work to do on this website but, more importantly, time for personal writing projects. Further trips to the Fringe and Book Festival to be included as tax deductable research…