Media Training

  • You feel on the back foot in your dealings with journalists?
  • You have exciting initiatives you wish to communicate?
  • You want an organisation that is comfortable in the media environment?

Communicating through the media is a key way in which your organisation can express its aims and values to a wider audience.

Making the most of the media
Too often Media Training is a one-off day of exercises and scenarios. It offers no follow-up and no sense of where it fits in with an organisation’s long-term media strategy.

Built around a creative blend of media awareness seminars and bespoke practical training, Making the most of the media maximises the options for staff members to step back from their work, to see your organisation as others see it and to engage with the media to maximum positive effect.

Clients said:
“challenging but extremely valuable… the set up was particularly useful in regard to remote interviewing”

“can’t wait to get the CD to reflect more!”

“the training session was very successful due to the way you structured it and were always mindful of what my immediate needs were”

“thank you for the fantastic training session… We all thoroughly enjoyed it … we can definitely say that we saw a marked improvement at the end!”

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