Inspired by John McGahern

The Irish writer John McGahern was introduced to me recently by a friend. His Memoir is at times harrowing but fundamentally life-affirming: a powerful read (and, in part, an account of what inspired his evocative novel, Amongst Women).

I’m now dipping in and out of a posthumous collection of his non-fiction writing – Love of the World. In a piece entitled “A Literature without Qualities”  he warns against writing on the back of “a handful of acquired certainties”. Instead: “In a world governed by the desire for total control, the writer must be the caretaker of the possible.”

Check John McGahern out.

In the meantime, my own news is that work for the Singing the Faith Plus website means that, with Advent not yet started, I’m currently sourcing material for the lead up to next Easter. Not sure whether to feel smugly organised or simply depressed.