Deep Sea and Foreign Going ‘Book of the Week’

Have just finished abridging Deep Sea and Foreign Going by Rose George for Radio 4’s ‘Book of the Week’ slot. Broadcasting week beginning 9 September 2013.

One of those books that, in honesty, I probably wouldn’t pick up in a book shop but which has proved to be absolutely fascinating. The subtitle is a neat summary: “Inside shipping, the invisible industry that brings you 90% of everything”. (The book has already been published in the States as Ninety per cent of Everything.)

George takes a five-week, 9,288 nautical mile trip to Singapore on the frieght-carrying Maersk Kendal. She not only reveals the global industry behind the ship; she covers modern day piracy, underwater noise pollution, missions to seamen, and the terrible reality of search and rescue operations. Quite an eye opener!