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Building progress

The Edinburgh Festival may be in full swing, but the summer is already tearing away, with a range of projects bouncing along happily. The Heritage Lottery funded communications project for Augustine United Church is making good progress. It’s great to … Continue reading >;/span>

A Mission of Mercy

Life & Work Popeye wouldn’t have approved of this at all: a toddler running across deck, brandishing a model of the said sailor man, while an older child tests out a go-cart. Nearby, basketball hoops stand off duty ready for … Continue reading >;/span>

A Son of the South

Life & Work Magazine You arrive in Atlanta after a nine-hour flight and a check-in process that feels almost as long. Dutifully, you keep awake during your first hours of newness in this sprawling home of CNN and Coca-Cola – … Continue reading >;/span>

Ian Rankin Review

The Herald John Rebus is in danger, his followers will be surprised to learn, of turning into Miss Marple. But for the flashes of deadpan humour and some familiar faces in the supporting line-up (Edinburgh’s facades among them), there’s a … Continue reading >;/span>

Kazuo Ishiguro Interview

The Herald   Appearances can be deceptive. They are when one is in the company of Kazuo Ishiguro, much as they are when reading one of his books. Gentle and thoughtful, at times almost contemplative, his easy manner is disarming. … Continue reading >;/span>

Man in the seaweed mask

The Herald ‘Health & Wellbeing’ supplement Men’s Health section I’m glad to note that the small circular pads being placed gently onto my eyes are not in fact slices of cucumber. I can’t stand cucumber, and I’ve only ever seen … Continue reading >;/span>